// About us

VEMAMED is an importer and distributor of high quality and innovative rehabilitation products that improve quality of life and bring enjoyment to their users. We are also active in public procurement and as a provider of turn-key accessibility solutions. We are situated in the Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and are active as well in our home market as international. Vemamed is growing fast.


We are a team of women and men, each professionals in our own respective fields, sharing the same vision of improving the lives of others. We are drawn by challenges, innovation and people and have a keen sense of discovery, cultural exchange and business. Which is why our multidisciplinary, multinational group of people seeks to expand the boundaries existing today in our line of work, looking for new products, new markets and new partners to realize our vision..

VEMAMED’s vision is to grow as a trusted deliver of value in the global rehabilitation and patient care milieu, with a holistic approach in tune with the developing trends and needs of the rehabilitation world. We want to become the leading supplier in the Netherlands and an established B2B brand, in Middle-East and Asia of innovative rehabilitation and medical care products.

Vemamed is active worldwide, in the Benelux, Asia, Eurasia and the Middle East. VEMAMED’s personnel comprise professionalism and great personal commitment to deliver quality and the highest possible value for our customers and partners. We are committed to business transparency and uphold strict standards in corporate governance.
We are using guidelines for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and are seeking for the right balance between People, Planet and Profit. We are striving to obtain our ISO26000 declaration in 2015.

Core Values

  • Do good, do right
  • Committed to Affordability
  • Self Reliance (our customers)
  • Traditional Ingenuity