Description: HYDROGEL
Farmactive Gel is a sterile amorphous hydrogel made with hydrophilic polymers having high water content. When the medication, which is contained in a tube, is applied to the sore and covered with an occlusive dressing, it contributes to the elimination of necrotic tissues and protects the cavity, facilitating granulation. Its high rate of release of moisture promotes autolytic debridement, inducing granulation and minimizing the need for mechanical debridement.

Treatment of cutaneous lesions, in association with secondary dressings, to maintain a moist environment on the wound during granulation and to provide hydration, cleansing and autolysis to necrotic tissues, either black and dry or with fibrin, as in:

  • decubitus ulcers
  • cavity wounds
  • ulcers of the lower limbs
  • diabetic foot ulcers
  • skin graft sites


  • strong ability to release moisture to necrotic tissues, as shown by its high “fluid donation” value: 0.297 grams per gram of product
  • low absorbency, so as not to reduce moisture in the wound environment: 0.064 grams per gram of product
  • high viscosity, to facilitate its remaining in the cavity site
  • high water content (more than 80%) has a refreshing and soothing effect
  • transparent
  • steam-sterilized
  • resalable tube makes it easy to dose and apply
  • individual sterilized packaging in 15 g dispenser-tube to facilitate application in wound cavities