Soft silicone interface layer
For gentle protection of the wound bed and skin

Mode of action
The open perforated structure allows exudate to pass through into an absorbent secondary dressing. The Silicone layer creates a seal around the wound edge, minimising the risk of maceration.


  • Minimises trauma at dressing changes.
  • Can remain in place up to 14 days – making it cost effective.
  • Transparent for easy wound inspection.
  • Can be used in conjunction with NPWT (XLR8) systems for protection of the wound bed.
  • Conforms to body contours.
  • Low risk of irritation and reactions.


Areas of use
Lacerations, skin tears, surgical incisions, partial and full thickness grafts, radiotherapy induced skin damage, leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, partial thickness burns, any area of fragile skin.

Instructions for use

  • Clean the wound carefully, if needed, and dry the surrounding skin
  • Choose a size of GentilTac that covers the wound and the surrounding skin by at least 1cm. GentilTac can be cut to size, if needed, before removing the protective lm. If more than one piece of GentilTac is required, overlap the dressings, making sure that the pores are not blocked
  • If necessary, moisten gloves to avoid adherence to GentilTac
  • Apply GentilTac over the wound. Smooth in place onto the surrounding skin, ensuring a good seal
  • Where clinically indicated, treatments such as topical steroids, topical antimicrobials or hydrogels can be applied over the top of or under GentilTac
  • Apply a secondary absorbent dressing pad on top of GentilTac. In contoured or jointed areas (e.g. under arm, under breast, inner elbow, groin, deep wounds), ensure su cient padding is applied to keep the GentilTac held at against the surface of the wound
  • Fix in place with a suitable xation device. GentilTac can be used under compression bandages



  • The wound should be inspected for signs of infection according to clinical practice
  • GentilTac used on burns treated with meshed grafts: avoid placing unnecessary pressure upon the dressing
  • GentilTac used after facial resurfacing: avoid placing pressure upon the dressing lift and reposition the dressing at least every second day
  • When GentilTac is used for the xation of skin grafts and protection of blisters, the dressing should not be changed before the fth day post application
  • Sterility is guaranteed unless inner package is damaged or opened prior to use. Do not re-sterilize



Sizes and Codes