Opticare 2

Opticare 2 is a dynamic pressure relieving overlay system that converts with a foam inlay-mattress into a full replacement system. With a LAS-function and an easy-to-use 3-way analog pump the system is optimized for the prevention and treatment of patients with low to medium risk of developing pressure ulcers.

EPUAP Risk Level: 1 - 2

Opticare 2
The analog pressure selector knob enables the caregivers to select the optimum pressure setting for the patient and the situation. Digital Panel
Low Air Loss (LAS) Function provides ventilation and reduces body heat. LAS is achieved through six LAS-cells that are placed under the typically high risk pressure ulcer areas of the torso. LAS-cells release optimum amount of air through miniature holes created by laser. Las
The Foam Inlay converters the overlay mattress at ease into a full replacement mattress. The 5 cm thick foam insert is CRIB-7 standard fire retardant and provides an economical two-in-one mattress solution. The insert is easily placed in a tailored case through the two-way zipper opening. Opticare 2 3 Foam Inlay
Anti-Sink rectangular bladders disperse interface pressure on contact points, and thus assist in spreading pressure evenly over the entire mattress surface. The rectangular cells follow the contours of the patient, dispersing pressure without the risk of bottoming-out. Anti Sink
Heel-Relief is a simple way to prevent and assist in treating heel ulcers by eliminating interface pressure from the heels, as if they were suspended in the air. Heel ulcers are generally reported as the second most common risk area for pressure ulcer development. With the optional Heel-Relief function, any of the last five cells on the foot-end of the mattress can be deflated by caregivers to achieve zero heel pressure. Heel Relief
Pillow Function is designed for stability and for normal sleeping comfort of the patient. It is achieved by placement of three non-alternating cells on the head-end of the mattress. Pillow Funtion
SILVADUR two-way stretch cover is anti-fungal and anti-mould treated, providing strong assistance in cross-infection control and fighting MRSA. The cover is machine washable at 95 degrees and maintains its critical functions even after multiple washings. SILVADUR cover comes with BS 7175 CRIB-5 standard fire retardant certification.  
Anti-microbial filter on the pump kills bacteria and thus further reduces cross-infection risk. Filter
Metal hangers provide ease of connection with most medical beds. Hooks
Transport Function enables the patient to remain on the mattress during transport or when the pump is disconnected from power for other reasons. Tightly fitting plug seal the mattress, thus keeping it firm for number of hours. Transport Plug
CPR Function allows quick deflation of the mattress in case of need by pulling out the highly visible CRP-tags or disconnecting the CPR-connector. CPR


  Mattress size 200x 80/85/90x *12,7 cm
  Weight Capacity 180 kg
  Mattress weight 7.5 kg
  Cell material PU 70D
  Number of cells 17
  LAS (Low Air Loss)  
  CPR tag  
  Pillow Function  
  Inlay-mattress system  
  SilvaDur Cover  
  Heel Relief Function optioneel
  Operating panel Analog
  Pump size 29x20x11 cm
  Pump weight 2,2 kg
  Cycle time 10 min
  Operating dB level 24 dB
  Pressure Range Selector  
  Transport Function  
  Antimicrobial filter  
  Metalen Hanger hooks