Revitalair 430

Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

Technical Sheet
The Revitalair 430 hyperbaric chamber is the product of combining new technologies and design elements, with materials and components that make it easy to use. It is made of 2 components: the cabin or chamber, and the compression system or compressor cabinet. The chamber has an exclusive patented aluminum Rings system (Patent Pending No. #P-20090105187) joined to a high resistance waterproof fabric, specially designed for ample space and comfort for the user.

The Revitalair 430 chambers have 10 see-through windows, providing brightness and a 360° view, making it possible to check the patient's comfort from the outside. Two exhaust valves are located at the top front part of the chamber, to provide a regulated pressure treatment of 1.4 ATA. These valves release the air that enters from the compressor, and maintain the fluidity and freshness of the air , thanks to the constant exchange of 140 liters of air per minute.

The Revitalair 430 Chambers can be operated from the inside and the outside. The mechanical parts of the closing system have a life time warranty, while the rest of the components warranty depend on what is stipulated by the contractual conditions.
The Revitalair 430 Chamber can be folded and placed in its transportation box or in the exclusively designed carrying case (which is optional). The compressor cabinet is equipped with a handle and wheels for mobility.
All the chambers come with a complete and comprehensive manual, including indications, contraindications, advantages, applications, operation, technical features, cleaning and maintenance of the Revitalair 430 chamber.


  • Cabin’s working pressure: 1.4 ATA = 5.8 PSI.
  • Volume of air contained at 1 ATA: 1.25 mts3
  • 2 Compressor units of 220-240v. - 4.5 amp.
  • Air volume, approximately 140 liters per minute.
  • Air filter for 5 micron particles
  • Cabin weight: 28 kgs
  • Zipper-free door – exclusive Revitalair patented system
  • Compressor cabinet weight: 27 kilograms.
  • Cabin diameter: 900mm.
  • Cabin length: 1850mm – Inflated: 1970mm.
  • Can be operated by user, without further assistance.
  • 10 windows with 360° view



  • Medical Device Class IIa.
  • ISO 13485.
  • Directive 97/23/CEE
  • BPF.
  • NFPA.
  • PVHO-1.



  • Cabin for patients
  • Compressor cabinet
  • Support table for cabin
  • Mats and pillows



  • Removable stretcher for patients with impaired mobility.
  • Transport case


Revitalair 430