Silgen Ag

Silgen Ag antimicrobial Silver spray - a breakthrough in the cost of managing wounds with Silver

The product
Silgen Ag is a multiple use (on single patient) spray system for delivering effective levels of silver into a wound bed for cleansing wounds and providing an antimicrobial e ect on the wound bed. Novel Nano-colloidal Silver at above 30ppm.
Alcohol free – can be used on a wider range of patients. No sting or irritation application – which makes it patient friendly. Non-toxic – safe to use.
Colourless and odourless – no staining of the wound. Effective within 3 minutes – confidence in use.

Product effectiveness
Effective against a wide range of pathogens, including Bacteria, viruses and Fungi:


  1. High-level (H-L) disinfection kills all organisms, except high levels of bacterial spores.
  2. Intermediate-level (I-L) disinfection kills most viruses, bacteria and fungi.


Mode of Action
Silgen Ag destroys the host cell membrane and Interferes with cellular enzymes by penetrating cell membranes and thus preventing bacterial proliferation.

Suitable for use on all wound types, both chronic and acute.


  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Spray the wound bed with a liberal amount of Silgen Ag, ensuring all parts of the wound bed is covered.
  3. Do not dry the wound after spraying.
  4. Apply an advanced wound dressing as normal.
  5. Re-spray the wound every time you change the dressing.


Cost effectiveness
Advanced wound dressing companies charge a significant premium to add a small amount of silver into their dressings. The use of SilgenAg along with non-silver variants of advanced wound dressings will generate signi cant savings to the health system.

Silgen Ag