Smart Mattress

The Smart Mattress Company developed the innovative AD-mattress. This Smart Mattress has proven to bring you as a patient, healthcare organization or caregiver the right balance between the best care and the costs this involves.

The AD Mattress by Smart Mattress is an AD air exchange mattress with additional features. This makes the AD mattress useful for many purposes within your care treatment plan. It allows you to provide better care, more time for the actual patient-care duties, it is cost effective for the healthcare organization and will speed up the patient’s recovery time. The AD mattress by Smart Mattress can be used for preventive care as well as curative treatment.

Smart Mattress
The wedges are set up with the handheld device
  • By using the wedges, the caregiver is supported while lifting or moving the patient. This makes it possible for a single caregiver to perform this task
  • The wedges support the caregiver with the daily care duties. It is even possible for a single caregiver to provide care to patients with a high level need of care
  • Rocking and/or swaddling reduces sleep disturbances and night wandering for dementia patients. This feature may be added to the care treatment plan
Each cel and area can be independently adjusted
  • Adjustable with the sensors and operated by the smart handheld device
  • The independently adjustable cells provide the best possible pressure distribution for each patient
  • Information from each sensor can be obtained through the included software application, this is objective data
  • Weightmeasuringfeature
  • Out of bed detection, the caregiver receives a signal
  • The mattress can be set up statically or dynamically
  • When the power drops the mattress will not deflate
Because the collected data from the sensors of the AD mattress is objective it makes it very suitable to be used as a quality control system. The information can anonymously be used for scientific research. In cooperation with your university a study can be undertaken to prevent pressure ulcers.
Silent pump
  • ThepumpisintegratedintheADmattress,which effectively reduces noise
  • With no tubes sticking out from the mattress, the whole mattress is more hygienic
  • The pump can be operated with the included smart handheld device
Hygienic cover made of Polyurethan
  • The cover is stretchable in length and width and contains a high level of tensile strength. The cover is bacteria- resistant, fire retardant and washable up to 95 degrees with the common non-toxic disinfectants.
Smart handheld
  • Easy to install and retrieve data
  • Separate menus for treatment specialists and caregivers
Connection to a local signal system
  • The AD mattress can be connected to your existing general signal system (other innovative solutions are also optional)
  • The caregiver immediately receives a signal when incidents occur (i.e. thread of someone falling out of bed)
The anti pressure ulcer mattress is produced and assembled in the Netherlands
  • Years of experience in the healthcare field, craftsmanship and innovations from the brainport of the world.
Smartmattress Fig1
  1. Wedges support different lying positions
  2. Air cells are independently adjustable through sensors
  3. Integrated silent pump
  4. Hygienic washable cover
  5. Foam bottom layer
  6. SMART handheld device with interactive display